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Location of Job: West Palm Beach, FL
When: May 3, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Commercial Restaurant Floor Cleaning
call or text Call: (561) 660-9134
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Commercial Tile Floor Cleaning West Palm Beach, FL
Tile Floor Cleaning Service West Palm Beach FL
Grout Steam Cleaner West Palm Beach
Brief Explanation

Wait, We Clean Carpet Too?

We assisted a local customer with cleaning the carpeted flooring of their restaurant.

Regular tile and ceramic restaurant floors get dirty enough with endless drops, spills, and thrills happening all over them, so we can only imagine what this customer's floor has been through.

Once we got all set up, we did a brief side-by-side demonstration for the customer to show them first hand the results that they could expect by the time we finished up with everything.

You can easily tell by some of the pictures that we've included that our work really did produce jaw-dropping results with just a few sweeps of our equipment.

Our customer was extremely satisfied with the work that we achieved for their space and mentioned that we'd be the first cleaning service the next time they needed the look of their restaurant's floor to get back together again.

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West Palm Beach, FL
Client Testimonial
WOW!! I called Palm Beach Hydro Clean to come to my residence to maintain my "clean" floors. Well at least that's what i thought. The results were amazing!! I used a former floor cleaner last year and the results were good, but could not compare… ~ Susan G - West Palm Beach

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1. Can A Clean Floor Transform Your Restaurant?


When it comes to cleanliness, first impressions last a lifetime.

A person can walk into a business, see a distasteful looking floor, and then walk out the very next minute.

It might seem insignificant and possibly forgettable, but situations like this happen every day.

Getting a quality floor cleaning will breathe new life into your business environmentand change the very way people move and interact with it, be they customers or coworkers.

This will then domino effect not only to the perceptions of your business being healthy, maintained, and aesthetically pleasing but also down to a very core message: You care about your business, and it's good to care about other people caring as well.

2. Are The Cleaning Solutions That We Use Too Strong?


Here at Hydro Clean, we've committed ourselves to only use floor cleaning solutions that are Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly.

No exceptions.

Additionally, our integrated unit does a great job of vacuuming up and removing any remaining soil and dirty water off and out of your tile.

That means no more worrying about mucky liquids or debris soaking into your floors or getting tracked around the house.

3. How Does Our Free Floor Cleaning Demonstration Work?


Just give us a call and we'll soon set up a good time for you to personally see what we're capable of, for FREE!

Best of all, if you choose to have us get to work right after we conduct the demonstration, all of our necessary equipment will already be within arm's reach.

That means there's no delay in getting your tile cleaned the right way. The Hydro Clean way.

Our Floor Cleaning service is local, convenient, and a snap to schedule.

When you have us over for your FREE, No-Obligation Demonstration, you can rest assured knowing you won't feel pressured to commit to our service.

We let our work speak for itself though, and we'd be more than happy to answer any sort of questions that you may have for us after the Free Demonstration.

4. What Make Our Equipment Clean So Well?


The first step in our cleaning process is Pre-Treatment. During this step, we first apply a deep cleaning solution that breaks up all of the visible and invisible dirt, residue, grease, and bacteria.

Next is the Pressure treatment step. We use high-pressure water in a Containment Dome to slice through the toughest particles in those hard-to-clean places. Our water pressure levels can reach up to 3,000 PSI!

Additionally, our unit uses hot water in temperatures of an excess of 200°+ to help break away any lingering particles or debris.

5. Why Are We The Best Around?


We excel at bringing visible results to the floors of restaurants.

All of our work is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our patented tools and equipment are fully EPA Certified and Environmentally Friendly.

We only use floor cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and eco-friendly within and around your business.

Also, we've serviced over 5,000+ Satisfied Customers within the years that we've been in business.

As a result, we've come to know a thing or two when it comes to providing professional tile cleaning services.

We also have a wide range of testimonials and reviews, all of which average out at ★★★★★ Ratings!

6. Why Hire Professional Floor Cleaners?


After years of constant absorption of dirt, muck, mud and other foreign particles, all restaurant floors will eventually become dulled and filled with undesirable amounts of gunk that's nearly impossible to clean out properly.

Vacuuming and mopping help to clean the surface, but in order to penetrate deep down to the bottom-most layers of the floor, you've got to have power.

More specifically, You Got To Have Hydro Clean Power. And that's just something that a toothbrush and some vinegar will never provide you with.