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Job Details

Location of Job: West Palm Beach, Florida
When: Apr 24, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Carpet Cleaning
call or text Call: (561) 660-9134
Brief Explanation

Which Carpets Did We Clean?

We helped this specific customer by clean their carpet floors in two areas of their house: a bedroom carpet floor and a nearby kitchen carpet floor.

First, we cleaned up the carpet in a spare guest room that this customer had. They’d often vacuumed it here and there, but they’d never actually had a deep, thorough cleaning of the carpet before.

Even though the carpet prior to this cleaning was nowhere near unsightly or in desperate need of one, it was still easy to see a significant difference between the carpet floor before we’d done a quick sweep with our equipment versus after.

Once we’d finished, this guest room not only had a white floor, but it had a bright floor as well.

Next, we cleaned a floor which was adjacent to their nearby kitchen and front door. This carpet almost seemed to get a double whammy from experiencing some major spills and thrills over the years.

There was a fairly large grease stain which likely occurred from a meal gone awry. Add into the mix the almost constant dust and dirt coming through their front door and it’s no surprise that this specific section of carpet looked the way that it did.

Thankfully, our equipment did a fantastic job at making everything right as rain again and helped it get that slick, clean look which it once used to have at some point in time.

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West Palm Beach, FL
Client Testimonial
WOW!! I called Palm Beach Hydro Clean to come to my residence to maintain my "clean" floors. Well at least that's what i thought. The results were amazing!! I used a former floor cleaner last year and the results were good, but could not compare… ~ Susan G - West Palm Beach

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1. How Good Are We At Carpet Cleaning?


Although we specialize in tile and grout cleaning, we’re no strangers when it comes to carpet.

The only main difference for us when cleaning these types of floors is in the types of attachments that we use.

We follow the same type of cleaning process that we normally would use for floors such as tile or ceramic, except they then gear it for the fibers and fabrics that make up your carpet.

Too much power and it’s surprisingly easy to strip away and even cut right through the bottom-most layers of your carpet. But if there’s not enough power though, when why even both hiring a professional?

Our carpet cleaning process is specifically zeroed into a perfect middle ground.

It’s cleaning power that’s strong enough to penetrate even to the most stubborn floors, yet works symbiotically around your carpet without delay any damage to it.

2. Why Hire Expert Floor Cleaners?


After years of constant absorption of dirt, muck, mud and other foreign particles, all carpet floors will eventually become dulled and filled with undesirable amounts of gunk that's nearly impossible to clean out properly.

Vacuuming and sweeping can help to clean the surface and mid-layers of your carpet, but in order to penetrate deep down to the bottom-most layers and break away the heavy, dried debris, you've got to have power.

More specifically, You've Got To Have Hydro Clean Power. And that's just something that a toothbrush and some vinegar will never provide you with.

3. What Makes Us Professionals?


We excel at bringing visible results to your home's carpet floors.

All of our work is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our patented tools and equipment are fully EPA Certified and Environmentally Friendly.

We only use floor cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and eco-friendly within and around your home.

Also, we've serviced over 5,000+ Satisfied Customers within the years that we've been in business.

As a result, we've come to know a thing or two when it comes to providing professional carpet cleaning services.

We also have a wide range of testimonials and reviews, all of which are ★★★★★ Ratings!

4. How Does Our Equipment Clean So Well?


The first step in our cleaning process is Pre-Treatment.

During this step, we first apply a deep cleaning solution that breaks up all of the visible and invisible dirt, residue, grease, and bacteria.

Next is the Pressure treatment step. We use high-pressure water in a Containment Dome to slice through the toughest particles in those hard-to-clean places.

Our water pressure levels can reach up to 3,000 PSI!

Additionally, our unit uses hot water in temperatures of an excess of 200°+ to help break away any lingering particles or debris.

Then finally, we vacuum up everything that may be left over.

5. What's Involved With Our Free Cleaning Demonstration?


Just give us a call and we'll soon set up a good time for you to personally see what we're capable of, for FREE!

Best of all, if you choose to have us get to work right after we conduct the demonstration, all of our necessary equipment will already be within arm's reach.

That means there's no delay in getting your carpet cleaned the right way, right away.

Our Floor Cleaning service is local, convenient, and a snap to schedule.

When you have us over for your FREE, No-Obligation Demonstration, you can rest assured knowing you won't feel pressured to commit to our service.

We let our work speak for itself though, and we'd be more than happy to answer any sort of questions that you may have for us during or after the Free Demonstration.

6. How Strong Are Our Cleaning Solutions?


At Hydro Clean here, we've committed ourselves to only use floor cleaning solutions that are Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly.

No Exceptions!

Additionally, our integrated unit does a great job of vacuuming up and removing any remaining residue off and out of your carpet.

That means no more worrying about your floors and rooms smelling like heavy chemicals and/or cleaners.